HAVE to watch MAD MAX !

So ! life has been busy just like it supposed to be, I promised to share a movie review yesterday. Yeah, just like what I’ve said, life has been so busy recently, I got a pile of tasks, and! I gotta go back home every weekend. Suddenly I feel a bit overwhelmed with my deadline(s). But well, anyway! I went out with two lovely best friends yesterday. It supposed to be 4 friends though *sad* #drama. One of my friends is a definitely 5 star movie freak, thus ask me to watch “Mad Max”. I said “Okay!” then he said “So, you’ve been wanting to watch this movie too ?”.”Of course not. Don’t be silly, I’ve never been into movie, if it’s not for u. LOL.”. Yap, I don’t really like going to cinema, watching movie, unless, there’s an Indonesian movie, that I desperately wanted to watch. So, we ended up with three tickets of Mad Max.

I was so annoyed by the first scene, esp because I’m afraid of lizard and its friend. How could u put on man-eating lizard alive in  opening scene ?!! and BANG! this is what they called action movie. The movie was so intense from the beginning, Max being kidnapped by some sort of colony (this is not a word I supposed to write, but let’s say like that. I’ll edit this if I remember the precise one lol). Short story, this movie was actually started when Furiosa (a girl character) is trying to runaway with Immortan Joe’s (the leader of the colony) wife to searching for a better place to live. Thus, Max (the guy) accidentally involved in their journey. Like what I’ve said, this movie is super intense! you can never blink your eyes, even breath (this might too much). I love the sound effect, and the cinematography. This is what we called “ACTION MOVIE”. You might not watch this, if you’re annoyed to see blood. Because, we gotta see many series of fighting, with lots of blood, I feel like watching death scene from Black Hawk Dawn, and Final destination at one time. Creepy, yes. Cruel, for sure. But, aside from technical part of the movie itself, I REALLY LIKE THE STORY !!

I don’t know if it’s just me or what, but I see many semiotics way to watch this movie. I love the story about social class, and the resistance. How a group of female character could propose a discourse, lead by Furiosa. This is the most feminist action movie I’ve ever watch!! I love that Max and Furiosa has an equal role in this movie. It’s not like the female stands out the most, but they’re both stands out. I love the way Mad Max capture their teamwork. I really like Furiosa, she’s definitely superb! and Max is handsome lol. This movie is depressing, yes. It’s so intense in both plot story, and scene. I love the way they deliver the complex message of colonization, fighting for class, environment issue and feminism in a very smooth way. The movie for me, it’s not only about action movie, blood, bang-bang sound, sexy female character or six pack male character. This movie carried a really good messages beneath. Just like the closing quotes of this movie, said:

“Where else we gonna go, searching for better desert ?”

While sometimes some people (or maybe us) busy searching for better world to live in, we might not realize that we actually live in the best side of the world.


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