Just a Birthday Post

There’s a certain day when I just can’t fell asleep, and I dont wanna try to fall asleep. Yes! Today is that day. One of my BBF (red: best boy-friend) since first year of college asked me if I want to join him watching barca (ANW congrats for FCB fans) but I just got snacthed and my feet hurt. So I stayed. 

I remeber I made the same post each year whenever I got a new number (red: age) to remind me abt what thing I’ve accomplished, and what thing I need to get next year.

Most of wishes that come is praying that I would be graduated fast. I HOPE SO! I started to regret my decision not making my research this semester, but even if I did, I wont be able to do intern or going to conference, so doesn’t matter. I see the good side. Second one, is to find a guy. This one is quite hard. I mean, aside from a guy. I’m started to ask myself whether if I really need a guy, or it just ppl surrounded me make me feel like that. But more or less, I dont feel like finding one (at least in these year around). And I get a lot of boy-friends so that’s fine. Third one is too spend my money wiser *BANG! I have no comment on this. But I’m saving! trust me, I just get to save much more right haha lol. 

I guess every year brings certain stories and memories. Sounds *yuck! But I gotta say that ppl shows how much I mean to them in this special date. And I would remember (in detail) person who congratulate me (and I remember the order) that sounds a bit much. But YES! I’m that kind of person. 

Well, anyway. I valued ppl who care about me. And couldn’t feel more blessed. I hope more good things will come. Less spending, earning more and travel a lot. 


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