Whaddup Laporpresiden.org!

The reason why I post this, it’s because recently, I happened to read many question, asking about laporpresiden.org (which was promoted by mr. President’s Facebook account). I’m writing this as an outsider, therefore I couldn’t guarantee if I am free of value. So, here’s my point of view. I’m not a person who supposed to write my argument though. But as a student, and an intern, an also a proud citizen of this country, I would highlight the event (two days ago) when Mr. President post in his Facebook (thus I doubt was posted by him personally) to promote laporpresiden.org

FYI, Government has run a same project, and has been established since 2011. I advise you to compare it. For me, It’s not wise to force the promotion, when the site itself hasn’t been fully established yet. I may sound offensive, but I do offended by their act. What an ego.
So, here’s the story. From what I heard, Laporpresiden.org actually has ever came into Executive Office of the President, and said that they will sync their system to the official system, one door policy. Aha! if you know what happen later. This sounds more like backstabbing. Hmm, this morning (while I was typing this) I heard one of their spokesperson, said the had already cooperated with us, Saying if laporpresiden.org is exist, and there’s no overlap function with LAPOR!. Again, as an outsider, it makes no sense, so say, if I want to report on President work, then I go to laporpresiden.org. But then, doesn’t every President work related to the ministry and gov institution ? does Mr. President work alone ? should it work like Mr. President personal ask.fm then ? what you call a solution by making a fuss of the site then ?
You could read a very wise statement came from Executive Office of The President here.
Unfortunately, I can’t be that wise. For me, even if you want to help Government so much, and because you have VIP access to do that, doesn’t mean you could throw other people out (read: to be more precise other people works out). Vice versa, even if you want to be loved so much by people around, and because you have VIP access to do that, doesn’t mean you could ignore other people. If you know what I mean. Though I know Life is sometimes unfair, but I would like to say, I used to respect those people. But I can’t guarantee no more now.

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