Happy Birthday Aini Bestari

Actually, I’m sort of having problem to manage a sustainable friendship. Most of my old friend would love to agree with that. I feel uneasy texting, thus somehow draw me apart from them. This unlikely happen, and I’m amazed that we could survive these 4 years of friendship!

Last year, I was writing a birthday post at my room, in South Korea. Now, I’m back and writing this at my room, in Indonesia. . The distance has threw us apart, yet nothing has changed since then. Thank you for still being here, getting through hardships and cheering the joy. I may missed out the moment that I hadn’t been there, so thanks for not leaving me out! because anyone could easily do so. Thank you for always being so mature and insightful. I couldn’t ask for better friend/sister/roomate/school-mate. I’m glad that you met a right guy, I believe if he would treat you well. I’m also glad that the relationship process itself has made you a way wiser to see the life. Congratulation for surviving in love story!

This year, finally you’re graduated from uni (hooray!!) congratulation for not giving up the thesis. I know you will do fine in every path you take. Do not regret the decision you made. Each step will get you to different way. Discover it, don’t be afraid. Ah! congratulation on being more expressive person. You did great! but, still need work harder to avoid junk food.

In the end, I wish you a very great year ahead! a new journey as a fresh graduate has awaited you! to more achievement and adventure Ni 😀 you’ll do fine. Keep healthy and happy!

“Don’t forget me” thingy sound so cliche, and cheesy. So, I’ll say live your life! go further! may our path is still in a same way. Even if it’s not, I’ll greet you from other path, and hopefully it will cross someday.

PS: Writing this was unexpectedly hard. Have fun on your new number of life!


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