Happy birthday Aboo!

Hi Aboo! Instead of posting on Path, I’d rather post on blog. So then it wont spam others. Last year, I’ve made a collage, would be lame to do the same thing. Writing a birthday wish for someone is always hard for me. Since I couldn’t simply describe it on words. Then, let’s start with our first meeting.
I still remember vividly that we met during orientation registration, you called me with super humble voice (though actually at that time, I didnt recall when you said “Im Ami” but that left a great first impression. I didnt remember how and when we got closer. But I guess, it started when we both chose media studies, been in one class, started to have meal together and became group-mate.
You’re both smart and dependable group-mate, a very organize and perfectionist human being. Who is sometimes also annoying and nagging so much. Person who will barely survive backpacking, thank you for believing me who brought you to Korea and dragged you to theme park in a first day you arrived. That was fun! 

Although its gettig harder and harder finding a rigt time to meet. You know that you’ll always be my one and only best buddy. A hug-able friend, who is willing to listen all my story and see all my crazinness. I’m happy that you found a great place to start you career life, and being so excited about it. Learn and earn a lot!

Happy birthday to my best buddy! Have fun in life! The older, the wiser you’ll become. All the best, keep sane during working days, but dont forget to spend some insane days with me!


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