Climate Change Thingy, boring!

Aside from mitigation, how if we start to think about adaptation?

For long, I have heard about climate change, yet barely had any attention towards that issue. It might be happened to most of us. We may think that it has already too late to prevent the climate change, how could we reduce the electricity when we are attached to our mobile phone almost 24/7? Even the plastic reduce policy was not worked well, or at least yet. When I was living in Korea, I had to pay 100 won for each plastic, even 300 won for the fancy one. Whereas in Indonesia, it is only Rp 200,00 for each plastic bag we use, of course we would very please to purchase it along.

This whole work to prevent climate change then looks complicated, each of us do not even bother to care about it anymore. However, we could not deny the fact that it continues happening. Leave the facts that we are now dealing with the impacts of climate change. Numerous paper works said that we lost several million dollars due to climate change (e.g heat stresses, floods, storms etc.)

In Jakarta itself, we experienced flood on each year with more frequent runoff. Blaming Ahok (Jakarta’s Governor) would not simply solve the case. There are many problems related to that, aside from the climate change (e.g people live in river basin areas who need to be relocated, people habit on disposing trashes to the river etc.) Yes, I agree if it’s sound depressing.

What can we do then? As mitigation or easily describe as any activity that could prevent disaster/any hazard to occur, climate change adaptation is the only option left. Climate change adaptation indeed was a new term for me. It explains how society could adapt to the stresses, and to easily overcome the situation. How? Well, the adaptation projects could be so diverse, ranging from community development to infrastructure development.

I was happened to witness Asian Cities Climate Change Resilience Network works in several cities in Indonesia (e.g. Semarang, Tarakan, Banjarmasin, Lampung, Blitar, Cirebon etc). They tried to build community capacity, in order to develop their resilience. I’ll try to make it simple: all they do is to make community stronger when they are experiencing disaster. (Read my post about my site visit here).

Climate change isn’t sexy issues, compared with gender or economy thingy, yet it will not be apple-to-apple comparison. Climate change has broader context that could heavily affect gender and economy issues, thus at least if we could not prevent it, let’s just prepare ourselves for the adaptation.


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