Getting sick of relationship — birthday wishes

I got tons of messages two days ago, wishing me a happy birthday along with wishes to find a decent guy soon. It’s not the first time tho, every time I’m having birthday people will wishing me the same, each year. Even when it’s not my birthday, people bother so much about my relationship status and I was like … WHY. I mean, I thank every people who’re care enough to wishing me to have a good relationship, but stop it. I’m started to get sick of it already. I’m 24, it’s only 24 and feel very fine about myself. I love my jobs, I’m having lot of friends, I learn so many new things, I travel to new places. Yet, people are concerned about my love story. I refuse to be trapped within social pressure cycle to have decent guy — who’re financially stable to marry me soon. I do want to meet one, but not very soon. I still have so many dreams to catch — and I feel good about being by myself. And I won’t let people told me what they want me to do. It’s my life anyway.


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