Another Birthday Shoutout to Aini

So!Here we go again, another year to congratulate. I decided to post another post (and will always) to reminisce the growing up of my very first college friend Dwi Aini Bestari. Let’s start from a wrap up in 2016. You finally decided to give a shot on LPDP selection, well yeah taking master has always […]

Just a Reflection

Sungguh, saya merasa bersyukur pernah hidup di berbagai daerah sehingga tidak terjebak dalam kondisi homogen yang sangat signifikan dalam membentuk pola pemikiran dan identitas kita. Sugguh saya bersyukur orang tua saya selalu berpegang pada nilai nilai keberagaman dan percaya bahwa agama adalah urusan kita dengan Tuhan. Saya banyak belajar bahwa terkadang being individualist has some […]

Sad Story about Snake, Mouse and Owl

This may not exactly same, yet I’m quoting Paul Kingsnorth here “Why do people feel special, that makes them ignorant to environment?” I am not an environmentalist, yet my job ‘forced’ me to learn about it. It was quite hard for me to be adapted to such scientific terms (e.g. climate change, global warming, biodiversity etc.) yet […]

4/11/16 Angry Post

I wonder why those people think that they’re above everyone else. I wonder if that happened to others religion, would it be the same? I do support democracy, I respect their rights to speak up, not throwing hate. Those ppl who’re imune to criticsm, they who’re easily throwing tanturm, they who speak as behalf of […]

Jakarta Smart City: How Far have We Gone?

Urban cities have shown rapid growth in infrastructure and population in these past decades. Initiatives such as smart city and resilience city often comes up to the surface. Both concepts aiming cities to better manage themselves and strive from challenges (e.g. poverty, health, climate change, education, transportation, water etc). Smart city is heavily related to […]

NGO Life be Like

What is it like to work on NGO? This big question suddenly appeared in my head. I still remember it vividly, when I graduated from my uni, I called my mentor during my internship to have a dinner. He offered me an opportunity to continue help him assisting the other intern and managing some of […]

Semarang: A Little Chinese Town

I moved to Semarang two days ago for works! and this is my first touristy trip (ever) even after flying back and forth to Semarang. I have ever gone to Lawang Sewu though, but has no courage to look inside, LOL. Anyway! Before I talk more about Semarang, I’ll explain briefly about this city. Semarang is […]

Between Laugh and Tears: Ijen Crater

This is a story that I have drafted since last year, but have been able to finish it. *** I haven’t slept yet. Now, 3 PM and my flight for Jakarta has been canceled since the pilot was sick (this is the most ridiculous reason ever). In the end I was transferred to the new […]