Sweet Treats (Cheongdam Area)

It’s been so long since my last post! (is it?) well, I didn’t stop going around and eat, but since I’ve been suffered from my diet program these days, (rule: only eat once a day), so this pictures below is taken from my past several days, eating sweets in Cheongdam area. Cheongdam-dong area (related to my […]

One Sunny Day in Hangang

 “Love is like a picnic, you can plan it but you can’t predict the weather.” – unknown Yesterday, I went out for a little picnic in Hangang Park before meeting my friend who’s coming to pick up her visa. I’ve been here last week, and the weather is super fine! it was sunny, blue sky, great wind. […]

Samcheong-dong !

“Eat well, travel often” (…) after getting my lunch in Tongin Market, I decided to re-visit Samcheong-dong (Bukchon Hanok Village) since I failed to find the ‘hanok-village’ before. Samcheong-dong is actually located just at the back of Gyeongbokgung palace, and it’s mean only walking distance from the Market (around 30 minutes). There’s no other way to […]