Fish and Cat: Wakayama

Today is a sunny day!! First sunny day since I’ve arrived in Japan. I decided to go to Wakayama without hesitate. Wakayama is a southern part of Kansai, another bay area in Kansai. I heard that they held fresh-tuna-cutting event everyday, and also has this sushi-sashimi buffet for only 2000 Yen (after few days staying […]

Kobe and Himeji

I woke up, grabbed my phone, checked weather forecast and figured that today gonna be raining all day long. What a day! I was planning to go to Kyoto, but because of the weather, I’ve changed it to Kobe-Himeji. It’s a west side of Kansai area. It takes around 50mins from Osaka, while it turned […]

A Glimpse of Osaka

I have to stay awake until 2AM for fasting, so instead of sleeping (I might not awake by then) I decided to post some about my travelling story in Japan, hope it will be much help for other backpackers who are planning to go to Japan. So, here we go ! June, 20th 2014 I […]