Tanned at Pahawang Island

It’s been a loooooong time ago since my last post. I must’ve been busy all these times (Yes, I had!) after struggling with my undergraduate thesis, I started to work as communication officer at one of international NGO (based in Indonesia of course). Well, anyway I’m not gonna talk about myself here. I want to share my last trip to Pahawang island, Lampung.


the wave is calling you to go!
the wave is calling you to go!


This may not sound familiar for you, it’s not as famous as Bali for sure. But this one is considered as cheap options for short vacation (1-2 days). There are many ways to get to Lampung, the cheapest way is by bus and ship from Jakarta. Jakarta-Lampung by ship took around 2,5 hours (depends on the tidal currents and crowd). If you’re lucky enough you’ll get the best quality ship with the same price. But, if you’re having bad luck, you’ll get a mourn-able ship. Don’t let it crash your mood!
Boat that will take you to Pahwang Island
Boat that will take you to Pahwang Island


Pahawang island is located around 3 hours ride from Bakaheuni harbor in Lampung. From what I heard, it is easier to reach Pahawang by the sea (instead of taking airplane, but again it depends on your time). I arrived in the morning around 5 am at the harbor, and spent 3 hours ride by car (take your vitamin, this journey could be tiring). Reaching Ketapang, we then prepared to take another boat to reach Pahawang island. It feels like we’re spending nearly half day to reach Pahawang.
Let's meet underwater creatures!
Let’s meet underwater creatures!
Super clear water!
Super clear water!
This infinity pool, feels awesome!
This infinity pool, feels awesome!

But, I have to admit that the view is worth the effort! The sun is shinning so brightly, and burned my skin. Frankly said, there are not so many things that you could do in Pahawang (besides swimming and snorkelling). I love the beach though, it has no wave. It does feel like you’re having infinity pool. The water itself was so clear, unfortunately the coral wasn’t as beauty as I had imagined. Most of them weren’t alive, my guide said the fishermen used to bombed the fishes, so it has destroyed the coral. However, these days the locals and fishermen stated to plant coral, ever since Pahwang became one of main tourism places in Lampung. It worths the vist, if you’re having short time and short budget!

credit to my guide
credit to my guide

Random Thought

Sometimes you meet certain people you could never be closed with, while some others easily captured your heart. That’s life. 

Sometimes you given choices to take an easy way, but sometimes you ended up taking the cozy way. That’s decision.

Today, I learned if how to live a life is a choice, therefore I decide to. 

Happy birthday Aboo!

Hi Aboo! Instead of posting on Path, I’d rather post on blog. So then it wont spam others. Last year, I’ve made a collage, would be lame to do the same thing. Writing a birthday wish for someone is always hard for me. Since I couldn’t simply describe it on words. Then, let’s start with our first meeting.
I still remember vividly that we met during orientation registration, you called me with super humble voice (though actually at that time, I didnt recall when you said “Im Ami” but that left a great first impression. I didnt remember how and when we got closer. But I guess, it started when we both chose media studies, been in one class, started to have meal together and became group-mate.
You’re both smart and dependable group-mate, a very organize and perfectionist human being. Who is sometimes also annoying and nagging so much. Person who will barely survive backpacking, thank you for believing me who brought you to Korea and dragged you to theme park in a first day you arrived. That was fun! 

Although its gettig harder and harder finding a rigt time to meet. You know that you’ll always be my one and only best buddy. A hug-able friend, who is willing to listen all my story and see all my crazinness. I’m happy that you found a great place to start you career life, and being so excited about it. Learn and earn a lot!

Happy birthday to my best buddy! Have fun in life! The older, the wiser you’ll become. All the best, keep sane during working days, but dont forget to spend some insane days with me!

Happy Birthday Aini Bestari

Actually, I’m sort of having problem to manage a sustainable friendship. Most of my old friend would love to agree with that. I feel uneasy texting, thus somehow draw me apart from them. This unlikely happen, and I’m amazed that we could survive these 4 years of friendship!

Last year, I was writing a birthday post at my room, in South Korea. Now, I’m back and writing this at my room, in Indonesia. . The distance has threw us apart, yet nothing has changed since then. Thank you for still being here, getting through hardships and cheering the joy. I may missed out the moment that I hadn’t been there, so thanks for not leaving me out! because anyone could easily do so. Thank you for always being so mature and insightful. I couldn’t ask for better friend/sister/roomate/school-mate. I’m glad that you met a right guy, I believe if he would treat you well. I’m also glad that the relationship process itself has made you a way wiser to see the life. Congratulation for surviving in love story!

This year, finally you’re graduated from uni (hooray!!) congratulation for not giving up the thesis. I know you will do fine in every path you take. Do not regret the decision you made. Each step will get you to different way. Discover it, don’t be afraid. Ah! congratulation on being more expressive person. You did great! but, still need work harder to avoid junk food.

In the end, I wish you a very great year ahead! a new journey as a fresh graduate has awaited you! to more achievement and adventure Ni 😀 you’ll do fine. Keep healthy and happy!

“Don’t forget me” thingy sound so cliche, and cheesy. So, I’ll say live your life! go further! may our path is still in a same way. Even if it’s not, I’ll greet you from other path, and hopefully it will cross someday.

PS: Writing this was unexpectedly hard. Have fun on your new number of life!

Whaddup Laporpresiden.org!

The reason why I post this, it’s because recently, I happened to read many question, asking about laporpresiden.org (which was promoted by mr. President’s Facebook account). I’m writing this as an outsider, therefore I couldn’t guarantee if I am free of value. So, here’s my point of view. I’m not a person who supposed to write my argument though. But as a student, and an intern, an also a proud citizen of this country, I would highlight the event (two days ago) when Mr. President post in his Facebook (thus I doubt was posted by him personally) to promote laporpresiden.org

FYI, Government has run a same project, and has been established since 2011. I advise you to compare it. For me, It’s not wise to force the promotion, when the site itself hasn’t been fully established yet. I may sound offensive, but I do offended by their act. What an ego.
So, here’s the story. From what I heard, Laporpresiden.org actually has ever came into Executive Office of the President, and said that they will sync their system to the official system, one door policy. Aha! if you know what happen later. This sounds more like backstabbing. Hmm, this morning (while I was typing this) I heard one of their spokesperson, said the had already cooperated with us, Saying if laporpresiden.org is exist, and there’s no overlap function with LAPOR!. Again, as an outsider, it makes no sense, so say, if I want to report on President work, then I go to laporpresiden.org. But then, doesn’t every President work related to the ministry and gov institution ? does Mr. President work alone ? should it work like Mr. President personal ask.fm then ? what you call a solution by making a fuss of the site then ?
You could read a very wise statement came from Executive Office of The President here.
Unfortunately, I can’t be that wise. For me, even if you want to help Government so much, and because you have VIP access to do that, doesn’t mean you could throw other people out (read: to be more precise other people works out). Vice versa, even if you want to be loved so much by people around, and because you have VIP access to do that, doesn’t mean you could ignore other people. If you know what I mean. Though I know Life is sometimes unfair, but I would like to say, I used to respect those people. But I can’t guarantee no more now.

Fell for Ahok

I catched flu! a bad one, which made me unable to breath. This remind me of last winter flu. Well, anyway! since I was sick, and barely go anywhere during weekend. I’ll devote my weekend to post about my internship so far (actually this is an assignment from my senior) lol. He pursued me to post about my internship experience ROTFL. And, since I thought it is important, I’ll dedicate this post to be written in Indonesian.


Satu setengah bulan belakangan ini, saya magang di Kantor Staf Presiden, lebih tepatnya di bawah Kedeputian I, sebagai communication specialist LAPOR!. Tapi, karena satu dan lain hal, saya ‘dibajak’ untuk jadi pemagang One Data. Well, sebenernya bukan dibajak, karena toh keduanya tetep berjalan. Kalau kata senior saya sih “Satu kaki di LAPOR!, satunya lagi punya One Data.” Nah, mungkin belum pada familiar sama kedua program Kantor Staf Presiden (selanjutnya, akan disebut KSP) ini. Khusus untuk edisi kali ini, saya akan membahas One Data dulu ya.

Jadi, apa sih One Data itu ? One Data, adalah inisiatif Open Data yang sudah berjalan di Indonesia sejak tahun 2014. One Data, termasuk salah satu bagian implementasi e-government dan Open Government Indonesia (OGI). Sebenarnya, postingan soal Open Data bisa di liat, di blog saya. Tapi, akan saya ringkas biar sekalian. Open data adalah sebuah gerakan untuk meningkatkan akuntabilitas, dan transparansi pemerintah dengan membuka data. Tapi, tujuan dari membuka data ini, bukan hanya terbatas satu arah menciptakan iklim pemerintahan yang lebih akuntabel saja, adanya open data juga memungkinkan inovasi lebih lanjut dari publik. Gimana caranya ? Nah, sebelum dipublikasi, data-data pemerintah ini harus memenuhi syarat “terbuka”. Secara singkat, terbuka dalam dua hal. 1) terbuka bagi mesin, format file dapat diolah kembali, jadi semakin mentah data, semakin mudah diolah. 2) terbuka secara legal, data bukan informasi rahasia dan melanggar UU.

Kalau kata salah satu petinggi World Bank, yang sempat saya temui “Open data itu hanya sebuah langkah awal.” tentunya perlu sebuah peran serta aktif publik untuk memanfaatkan data tersebut. Lalu, apa saja yang sudah saya kerjakan selama 4 minggu ini ? tugas utama saya sebagai pemagang One Data, adalah 1. mengerti dan paham akan inisiatif ini, dan 2.sosialisasi. Selama satu bulan ini, saya beberapa kali ikut rapat dengan Kementrian/Lembaga terkait gerakan One Data. Beberapa diantaranya adalah kementrian keuangan, BPS, dan KPK. Saya juga pernah menghadiri forum Kementrian ESDM terkait dengan data makro ekonomi. Sejak magang di One Data, saya juga berkesempatan untuk datang diacara yang mencerahkan, dan bertemu orang-orang hebat di bidangnya. Saya pernah datang di forum Open Data yang diadakan oleh World Bank, dan terakhir, saya menghadiri peluncuran situs Open Data DKI Jakarta, dan pembukaan kompetisi HACKJACK 2015.

Khusus untuk acara terakhir yang saya hadiri, ada banyak cerita lucu dari pidato Pak Ahok, yang wajib kamu tonton di atas (cepetin aja ke bagian Ahok). He’s definitely tech savvy! having a governor like him, is such a gift, thus I dont get it why people hate him. Pertama kali, saya mendengarkan pidato Ahok, dan menurut saya, merupakan pidato terbaik yang pernah disampaikan orang penting di hidup saya. Selama kurang lebih satu jam, Ahok menyampaikan betapa pentingnya data bagi sebuah pemerintahan (dan, ini bukan lip service). Salah satu yang bikin saya kagum sama pemerintahan Ahok adalah, gayanya yang “Talk less do more”, kata senior saya, DKI Jakarta enggak banyak oceh soal smart city, open data dll, tapi sekalinya jadi, langsung rapi. Sama seperti peluncuran situs open data Jakarta yang tiba-tiba aja kelar, padahal enggak kedengeran gaungnya. Menurut saya, justru hal-hal kaya gini kok yang harusnya lebih dihighlight media, biar kita engga hopeless dan nyerah sama bangsa sendiri. Karena ternyata masih ada kok orang Pemerintahan yang cerdas, dan mau kerja keras buat membagun Indonesia.

Pidato Ahok, juga bikin saya sadar sekaligus bertanya “Najis, terus selama ini Gubernur DKI Jakarta sebelum Ahok, kerjanya ngapain aja dong ?” sounds too judgemental, but yes I do curious about it. Tonton videonya, so then you’ll know why I asked such thing. In the end, since I hate media, and I lose my belief on them. Daripada nungguin posting berita tentang Open data dan program bagus Pemerintah (while they found if bad side about Government is more interesting), melaui postingan ini, saya ingin mengajak teman-teman yang masih peduli dengan Indonesia, untuk tidak putus harapan. Dan jangan percaya media! haha. Jangan putus harapan untuk jadikan Indonesia yang lebih baik, dan jadilah harapan itu. Berhenti ngomel soal kinerja Pemerintahan, dan berkontribusi untuk lakukan perubahan. Magang di KSP, bikin says sadar kalau Indonesia mash punya banyak orang hebat yang peduli, dan masu kerja keras untuk Bangsa ini.

Buat yang masih penasaran soal kesempatan magang di Kantor Staf Presiden, khususnya One Data dan LAPOR! boleh hubungi saya ya 😀 semoga sharing ini bermanfaat.

Just a Birthday Post

There’s a certain day when I just can’t fell asleep, and I dont wanna try to fall asleep. Yes! Today is that day. One of my BBF (red: best boy-friend) since first year of college asked me if I want to join him watching barca (ANW congrats for FCB fans) but I just got snacthed and my feet hurt. So I stayed. 

I remeber I made the same post each year whenever I got a new number (red: age) to remind me abt what thing I’ve accomplished, and what thing I need to get next year.

Most of wishes that come is praying that I would be graduated fast. I HOPE SO! I started to regret my decision not making my research this semester, but even if I did, I wont be able to do intern or going to conference, so doesn’t matter. I see the good side. Second one, is to find a guy. This one is quite hard. I mean, aside from a guy. I’m started to ask myself whether if I really need a guy, or it just ppl surrounded me make me feel like that. But more or less, I dont feel like finding one (at least in these year around). And I get a lot of boy-friends so that’s fine. Third one is too spend my money wiser *BANG! I have no comment on this. But I’m saving! trust me, I just get to save much more right haha lol. 

I guess every year brings certain stories and memories. Sounds *yuck! But I gotta say that ppl shows how much I mean to them in this special date. And I would remember (in detail) person who congratulate me (and I remember the order) that sounds a bit much. But YES! I’m that kind of person. 

Well, anyway. I valued ppl who care about me. And couldn’t feel more blessed. I hope more good things will come. Less spending, earning more and travel a lot. 

Open Data: More than Just Open It Up

Been away for long! yes I know, and lately my post no longer full of pics. But I promised you to post more pics (wait for it!). BY THE WAY! I’m working these days!! wohoo ~~ not as a full timer, yet as an intern. One week ago, my supervisor send me to the other team, who’s in charge of “Open Data Project” in Indonesia (we called it: One Data). Short story, One Data is an initiative by Indonesia’s Government (read: Mr. President) to raise accountability and transparency by open up the data. Basically, these data are own by government/institution related to Indonesia.

But, WAIT!

That’s sound much like “yeah so what?” me did the same thing. All I could think, when I first hear this project is exactly like that. But, what’s called as OPEN DATA isn’t only about OPEN IT UP. The point of opening the data, is more than let the public/citizen know, so then they could be a watchdog for the Government. Now, it sound’s confusing. Let me explain.

Online and Reusable File Format

The first principle of Open data is about the format. I bet all of you, at least have been once, looking for data about government (or everything else) right ? In Indonesia, common problem we found is, most of the data are only available offline. Thus, we gotta find a looong way to get access on it. We have to write a letter first, wait, following up, and bla bla bla (we ended up giving up and do a new research, instead of using the old one). That’s exactly what One Data Indonesia forge for. Openness of data, mean: it has to be accessible for anyone, anywhere. Which, it has to be online.

Second, in order to make it reuseable, the uploader has to make it in certain file format. Thus, make PDF is not acceptable. Most of us (count me in) having a problem handling PDF research data, all we can do is retyping in, which cost a lot of time! that’s why, open data suggest some file format to be used (xls, xml, csv) instead of PDF.

Why ?

I’ve been read so many research about internet in Indonesia, and I used it a lot for my research project. But, we could never get access for the raw data. Some of you may think, what’s the important of raw data, why bother if we could see the graphic one ? well, that’s the problem.

Just because, we couldn’t get the access of raw data. So many people in Indonesia (or maybe other part of the world) ended up doing the same research with different topic. For example, a data release by APJII only shows profile of internet users, and what they do on internet. But, how if I want to correlated user demography with their behavior ? or how if I want to know what sites they access ? or how if I disagree with their age group, I want to change it. There’s no way to do sort of things, and we ended up did the same things, that we would’ve been done.

That’s the urgency of building Open Data system. So that, every data is NOT ONLY available for everyone, but also REUSEABLE, so in the end, all data could be connected. And we, as a citizen, INSTEAD of playing a role as watchdog of Government, we together with Government, play a role as a PARTNER.

This may super long, so I urge you to watch the video instead. Good night !  xoxo.

HAVE to watch MAD MAX !

So ! life has been busy just like it supposed to be, I promised to share a movie review yesterday. Yeah, just like what I’ve said, life has been so busy recently, I got a pile of tasks, and! I gotta go back home every weekend. Suddenly I feel a bit overwhelmed with my deadline(s). But well, anyway! I went out with two lovely best friends yesterday. It supposed to be 4 friends though *sad* #drama. One of my friends is a definitely 5 star movie freak, thus ask me to watch “Mad Max”. I said “Okay!” then he said “So, you’ve been wanting to watch this movie too ?”.”Of course not. Don’t be silly, I’ve never been into movie, if it’s not for u. LOL.”. Yap, I don’t really like going to cinema, watching movie, unless, there’s an Indonesian movie, that I desperately wanted to watch. So, we ended up with three tickets of Mad Max.

I was so annoyed by the first scene, esp because I’m afraid of lizard and its friend. How could u put on man-eating lizard alive in  opening scene ?!! and BANG! this is what they called action movie. The movie was so intense from the beginning, Max being kidnapped by some sort of colony (this is not a word I supposed to write, but let’s say like that. I’ll edit this if I remember the precise one lol). Short story, this movie was actually started when Furiosa (a girl character) is trying to runaway with Immortan Joe’s (the leader of the colony) wife to searching for a better place to live. Thus, Max (the guy) accidentally involved in their journey. Like what I’ve said, this movie is super intense! you can never blink your eyes, even breath (this might too much). I love the sound effect, and the cinematography. This is what we called “ACTION MOVIE”. You might not watch this, if you’re annoyed to see blood. Because, we gotta see many series of fighting, with lots of blood, I feel like watching death scene from Black Hawk Dawn, and Final destination at one time. Creepy, yes. Cruel, for sure. But, aside from technical part of the movie itself, I REALLY LIKE THE STORY !!

I don’t know if it’s just me or what, but I see many semiotics way to watch this movie. I love the story about social class, and the resistance. How a group of female character could propose a discourse, lead by Furiosa. This is the most feminist action movie I’ve ever watch!! I love that Max and Furiosa has an equal role in this movie. It’s not like the female stands out the most, but they’re both stands out. I love the way Mad Max capture their teamwork. I really like Furiosa, she’s definitely superb! and Max is handsome lol. This movie is depressing, yes. It’s so intense in both plot story, and scene. I love the way they deliver the complex message of colonization, fighting for class, environment issue and feminism in a very smooth way. The movie for me, it’s not only about action movie, blood, bang-bang sound, sexy female character or six pack male character. This movie carried a really good messages beneath. Just like the closing quotes of this movie, said:

“Where else we gonna go, searching for better desert ?”

While sometimes some people (or maybe us) busy searching for better world to live in, we might not realize that we actually live in the best side of the world.

Spring Break at Everland !

What did I do during last Spring ? that question suddenly pop up, while I was reading journals for tomorrow’s exam. I started to get use to it (read: college life). So after a long long vacation time, I guess, I finally adapted to my ‘real’ life here. Ah! good news came yesterday, all my credits are being transferred, so I’ll be (only) writing final thesis for next semester, woohooo !!!

But, since it’s Thursday, let me do #throwback for what I did last Spring. PS: most of the pictures are taken by my super talented British friend (Adam Newns) 😀

Everland's Tulis Festival

Everland’s Tulis Festival

Last April, there was a Tulip festival in Everland. As you can refer to my last post about this theme park which was during winter I did also visit it during Spring! just because I want to see cherry blossom. But, instead of cherry blossom, I saw lots of Tulip. And, it was SUPER BEAUTIFUL !! at least before I could make it to Netherland and see tulip, I already saw some of it here 😀

It’s been my third times visiting Everland, so I pretty much familiar with the attraction. What was different is, I went to the zoo this time. Since, I didn’t really good on riding adrenaline-related attraction, I choose to ride ferris-wheel and carousel. Last time I went here, I choose to watched pororo on 4D lol.

beautiful! isn't it ?

beautiful! isn’t it ?

the carousel !!

the carousel !!

I always wanna take a pic on carousel, but I ended up taking the pictures. Still, I’m the one who hold the camera. So, well I’ll take it later in a future. Please look forward for it! rotfl.

what a crowd !!

what a crowd !!

What was interesting on that day is: there were A LOT of people !! and as I didn’t have any idea why it was super crowded, I asked the ticketing person, and she answered: nothing’s special, it just a sunny day and people want to spend day out. Well … a make-sense answer, yet I still couldn’t figure it out that all people giving up their working hours for going to theme park. I mean, that’s a good thing spending time with your family, I just kinda surprised. But, true. That time, I saw A LOT of young families, spending sweet time together, watching Pororo (that’s why I went to the zoo) lol.

the zoo !!

the zoo !!

So, it’s basically similar to Indonesia’s zoo I’ve ever visited in Bali, we rode an amphibian bus (it could walk on road, and swim in the water, like literally). So, we could see the animals very close. Ah! the bus doesn’t got glass on it, and the giraffe gave me a peck. Sweet giraffe, but the guide told me not to touch it, so the giraffe just went away with sad face haha!


The most famous attraction of Everland is: T-EXPRESS, the roller coaster made from woods. It’s scary, trust me. I don’t want to explain, since when I explained it to my ex-roommate, she seems too anticipated, and got disappointed (there’s no element of surprise, because she expected all the things). So, I won’t write anything about it. But, make sure to RIDE IT! no matter how long the queue will be. JUST RIDE IT!!

The famous T-EXPRESS

The famous T-EXPRESS

Last but not least, the parade that hold every 3 PM. Even though I’ve seen so many theme park’s parade, it never failed to make me happy. So was the Everland’s. Isn’t it delighting ? see the people dance with the music, together with all little kids around you. They’re cute. Both the parade’s crew and the kids.

IMG_1460Ah! don’t forget to buy a candy. Well, I don’t really like candy. So, I just walked around to see cute shapes of candies, with tons of flavor. But I guess that’s pretty expensive though. Or, me just didn’t have much money that time haha. After all, I guess Everland is a worthy place to visit, whenever you go to Korea. Because it’s the biggest, famous, authentic theme park in South Korea. Don’t forget to bring your passport altogether to get the 30% off ticket price. HAVE FUN !!

sunny side up candy ~~

sunny side up candy ~~