Between Laugh and Tears: Ijen Crater

This is a story that I have drafted since last year, but have been able to finish it. *** I haven’t slept yet. Now, 3 PM and my flight for Jakarta has been canceled since the pilot was sick (this is the most ridiculous reason ever). In the end I was transferred to the new […]

Tanned at Pahawang Island

It’s been a loooooong time ago since my last post. I must’ve been busy all these times (Yes, I had!) after struggling with my undergraduate thesis, I started to work as communication officer at one of international NGO (based in Indonesia of course). Well, anyway I’m not gonna talk about myself here. I want to share my […]

Last But Not Least

Hello ! it’s 11 pm Indonesian time, and I felt so happy today. Just because I watched korean program about triplets kid, who’re super CUTE. Have to watch it! search “daehan-minguk-manse” now!! lol. But, I guess I shouldn’t watch it too often, or I’ll miss being in Korea (which is bad). Anyway! rather than being […]

Tandoori and Petronas

Jakarta’s weather is so confusing lately (well, it always be) but, extremely these days. It’s gonna be super HOT during daytime, and suddenly heavy rain, altogether with the storm will pour in the evening. So, lately, I spend most of my time in the room, just in case it suddenly rains heavily, I don’t need to […]